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  • 1998 - Pacific Rim Builders, LLC founded
  • 2001 -
  • 2005
  • 2013 - Specializing in VD&C


I started Pacific Rim Builders, LLC as an environmentally friendly construction company.  Through the use of technology and experience we are now able to produce buildings that are truly "Green". Our buildings are more cost effective to build, and use less energy over the life-cycle of the building.

our leadership team


To provide our clients the greatest possible value for their construction project by optimizing estimates, planning, scheduling, and monitoring production controls to increase profits

Value Statement

We at Pacific Rim Builders, LLC realize our success is linked to the success of our clients.  We will never compromise our integrity. We set high standards for ouselves and aspire to meet them every day

Purpose Built Models

Pacific Rim Builders, LLC, knows that BIM must be "Purpose-Built" to be used for coordination, fabrication, estimating, scheduling and production control.  Knowing why we are modeling certain elements allows us to share information seamlessly

Eric J. Taramasco