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2D to 3D conversion

Our Firm specializes in the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM). Our In House Staff and Network of Modeling Professionals, with our advance computer hardware and BIM Software can provide you with the information and knowledge to make informed cost decisions, reduce risk, and compress the schedule of your construction project.

Virtual Design & Construction
The Knowledge to Build

3D Outsourcing Services

VDC Advantages


Price- Eliminate unnecessary costs & find the best option to build. Schedule - Optimize activities & reduce project time.

 ConstructionAnalysis- Find & fix errors before they become expensive. Technique - Most Advance technology & Process

Pacific Rim Builders, LLC provides:

- Building Prototypes to analyze options

- Build and ANALYZE a Virtual Model TWO ...THREE times to reduce RISKS

- Predict possible Logistical Conflicts

- Build Less Expensive, Faster, Smarter

By Outsourcing 3D Modeling, Designers, Engineers and Contractors, can concentrate on other aspects of the project.  

The information contained in the Virtual Model can be exported to a wide range of formats with numerous reporting capabilities to include Cash Floor Earned Value & ROI to name a few.

BIM is not just spinning a pretty picture.

 A true Building Information Model (BIM) is the Virtual equivalent of the actual building. These intelligent elements are the digital prototype of the building components, including walls, doors and windows etc. This digital prototype allows us to simulate the building and understand its behavior before it is built. The Model can be used for 3D visualization, Change Management, Building Simulation & Data Management.  It combines all design parts of the building into one integral information model. .

Pacific Rim Builders, Llc Building information Modeling

Meet Our Team

Wendy Taramasco

CFO and Information Technology Manager

  • Construction Management
  • Quality Management
  • Budgeting & Estimating
  • Project Management Plans for Construction Projects

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Eric Taramasco, PMP, CDT

General Manager & BIM Manager.

  • Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)
  • Rendering Services
  • 3D As-Builts
  • Compliance Consulting

Virtual Design and Construction

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